A little bit about us...


Taking 25 years of experience in designing and managing the production of print materials for private corporations, government organizations and non-profit profit groups, we started Know Buddies Designs in August of 2020 and found a home in Spencerville, in August of 2021. 


Along with branding, consultation and logo development, we also design business collateral, such as business cards, brochures, kit folders, trade show exhibit artwork, and everything in between. We also create original illustrations and characters for publications, book covers, posters, etc.

When Know Buddies Designs was created, the core value was designed around creating a healthy sustainable experience and atmosphere for everyone, helping remove or shoulder the stress that so many of us go through while building businesses and juggling life. Today, we continue our dedication to our clients and our community.

Vicki Peters

The Doer

As a Graphic Designer, and self-taught artist, illustrator, and cartoonist, I have applied my artistic talents and sensibilities to a wide range of creative pursuits. With over twenty-five years experience in the graphic design, production field, proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, I have designed and managed production of print materials including brochures, newsletters, trade show displays, product packaging and advertisement for private corporations, government organizations and not-for-profit groups.

I have created mascots and characters for Canadian government departments such as Health Canada, national organizations such as The Red Cross, and charitable organizations such as Candlelighters, a fund-raising body for children with cancer.

The Thinker

He is still thinking about it :)!

Matthew Peters