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Our Mission
To unite companies, clients, and communities together for shared success through creation and communication.

Logo Design that Works


A logo isn’t your brand but has some pretty heavy lifting

to do for your business. A unique logo can help you stand out in your market attracting all that desired customer attention, and be the beacon of your brands promise.
If this job is done well, it will help drive up sales and allow you to out perform your competition visually.
Let your logo stand out, it’s the most memorable visual
in your inventory.


If your ready to be noticed, where here to help.

Identity Systems

So you have an awesome logo but now you want to make sure everything looks great for all your applications. Staying consistent and making sure it always communicates with your current customers and bringing in new ones
in an engaging and inspirational way, this is the job of your identity system.

Marketing collateral, signage, packaging, website, apparel and more, don’t worry we got you.

Brand Strategy

What the heck is Brand strategy!? Brand strategy is the foundational planning of your business or personal brand.
This process allows you to understand, create, and implement all manner of actions to interact with customers
helping to drive sales with communication and interaction.

Brand strategy allows us to tell your story, demonstrate your values,

Other designing services we provide:

Business Cards
Magazine Ads


Information Guide
Book Covers and Interior Layout
Technical Illustrations
Digital Art
Character Development

Newspaper Ads
Instagram and Website Ads
Display and Exhibits
Event Posters
Product Packaging
Counter Cards, Shelf Signs, 


We Listen
For every project, we listen to our client, combinig our strategies with their goals, needs and budget.

Vicki Peters, Graphic Designer, Illustrator
Matt Peters, Strategist

24 Spencer Street, Spencerville, Ontario K0E 1X0


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