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We took the Logo Legends Course, from James Martin (Made by James) it was awesome. At the end of the course there was a Sketchy Bean, Coffee House logo design Project.

We had a blast! After reviewing the brief, we really wanted to lean into the raw creative process. We feel that our sketchy mascot “James” and type establish that feeling or vibe of the creative process and space helping gain the attention of his preferred clientele, while maintaining a very unique look in the industry and across any platform he would like to apply it to. The Illustration we wanted to not only fit the creative space but the love for coffee and of course our B made of coffee beans. We took the logo very literally to the sketchy space even our mad scribbles all created on the cintiq making sure that it would be truly unique :)!

HW Supplies and Services. This project was very time sensitive, everything from the logo design, postcards, business cards, facebook business page and website had to be up and running in a very short time.


After a project brief with our client, we started with an idea, hydraulics is a big part of this company, so we designed an arm, turning into a heavy equipment bucket. I love how this project evolved and became as unique as our client.

HW Supplies.jpg

Carolyn's vision for the Spencer Street Muse, was to have a space where creatives not only show their work but to share their process by providing a workshop space as well. Throughout the briefing, it was easy to see her passion about art, fabric, textures, literature and culture. 

Using the rich colours, the elegance and movement of the fabric helped us visually show her passion and love for the creative world.


After we sat down with France for our briefing, it was very easy to see how much she loved her work, her clients, her kindness, how important it is to her to help her clients walk pain free.


The sketches evolved pretty quickly. Creating the heart
in the foot represents France's passion and love for what
she does. 

We came up with many slogans for her ad campaigns, I think the one that stands out to us the most is "Just Walk Away from Foot Pain", this tag line says it all :)

JC_Aproved Logo Only.jpg

Digital Illustrations Creating original images for either commissioned work or personal projects.

Along with logo development and strategies, we also are digital illustrators creating original images for either commissioned work or personal projects.

Initial sketches for a piece may start as hand drawings but the finished product is delivered digitally for digital media such as film and television effects, publishing, web design, advertisements, educational resources, etc.

Once we are briefed on the project and we produce artwork that best communicates the idea, character, visuals, scenario, sequence, icon, etc. The creative process is one that works on developing these illustrations, refining and reworking drafts until the final artwork has been approved.

Book Cover Designs and Layout 

Let's face it, this is the one time that you DO judge a book by it's

The cover design and layout  of your book is as important as the story. Books are judged by their cover. You need to ask yourself, who will read my book, who is my audience.


Working with Dwight and Linda on their book "A Path Forward, Mikan E'niigaanimak" was an amazing experience. The biggest challenge from a design and layout perspective was to keep the balance between the two cultures. Through deep conversations with Dwight and Linda, we were able to design a cover, and  come up with a layout that was easy to read and balanced. 

Typography is an important design tool on its own. Choosing the  fonts, size and spacing we used for the interior was just as important as the cover we designed for this book.  

You can find this book on Amazon A Path Forward | Mikan E'niigaanimok: Continuous Improvement Through an Indigenous Lens: Powless, Dwight, Manning, Linda M. M., Peters, Vicki, Owl, Albert: 9781989775110: Books -


Business Collateral We design, brochures, posters, ads and much more.

Vicki Peters, Graphic Designer, Illustrator
Matt Peters, Strategist

24 Spencer Street, Spencerville, Ontario K0E 1X0

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